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Hellboy V2 RDA (Clone) – $10.99

Hellboy V2 RDA Clone

The Hellboy V2 RDA is an upgrade to the original that improves upon an already great design by El Diablo Philippines. In this new version the first thing you’re going to notice is that the build deck is now squared, this is great because it …

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Goon RDA (Clone) – $7.82

Goon RDA Clone

The Goon RDA looks like a standard rebuildable dripping atomizer on the outside, however the inside is where all the magic happens. This unique dripper is a 2 post design but what’s different is there are no post holes like we usually see for attaching …

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NarDA RDA (Clone) – $9.16

NarDA RDA Clone

The NarDA RDA is mainly a flavor atomizer geared towards mouth-to-lung vapers. While it was intentionally designed for single coil builds you can actually squeeze a dual coil in there as you’ll see in Todd’s review below. It has adjustable airflow control with 2 air …

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Kennedy 24 RDA (Clone) – $9.69

Kennedy 24 RDA Clone

The Kennedy 24 RDA is another one for the cloud chasers. It has a lot of airflow which is non adjustable but that’s ok because tons of vapers love this particular airflow. There are 2 large holes at the base which directs the air up …

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So Horney RDA (Clone) – $11.32

So Horney RDA Clone

This has to be one of the most interesting drippers I’ve seen in a while, the So Horney RDA is an absolute crazy design that works very well for the vaper who likes to fog out a room in minutes. This insane dripper has the …

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Hatty RDA Clone – $10.10

Hatty RDA Clone

The Hatty RDA is definitely one for the vaper who likes thick clouds, and this seems to take the best of other atomizers and mash it all together with it’s own spin. This Hatty RDA clone is very well constructed considering it’s low price. It …

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Mutation X 234 RDA (Clone) – $18.07

Mutation X 234 RDA Clone

Looking for options? Then the Mutation X 234 RDA will give you plenty of them! The build deck on this one has interchangeable posts. Meaning that you can swap out the posts and make it a 2 post, 3 post, or a 4 post atomizer. …

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Subzero Competition RDA (Clone) – $8.50

Subzero Competition RDA Clone

The Subzero Competition RDA is a great rebuildable dripping atomizer for those vapers who like lots of thick dense vapor for competing in cloud competitions, hence the name. This Subzero clone is one of the best looking ones we could find for a price that’s …

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Doge V3 RDA (Clone) – $10.22

Doge V3 RDA Clone

The Doge V3 RDA is definitely one for the cloud chasers, however you can still get some pretty great flavor out of it with the right build. It has airflow for days with 2 very large slits on the barrel which is fully adjustable. It’s …

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Hobo Drifter RDA (Clone) – $15.74

Hobo Drifter RDA Clone

While the Hobo Drifter RDA has just barely been released it’s hard to find one, and that’s where this clone comes in! This rebuildable dripping atomizer has a reduced chamber due to it’s small size, however the deck is a pretty standard size with a …

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