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Hurricane Junior RTA Clone – $12.50

Hurricane Junior RTA Clone

The Hurricane Junior RTA is more than just a smaller version of the original Hurricane. Much like what we’ve seen with the latest Kayfun release, this one is also designed for single coil builds. But what they did is actually open up the airflow substantially …

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Smoant Mobula RTA (Authentic) – $24.82

Authentic Smoant Mobula RTA

Here’s yet another rebuildable tank atomizer, and this Smoant Mobula RTA is what you’d get if the Griffin and the original Nautilus had a baby together. This tank gives you yet another great option if you’re looking for one with airflow from both the bottom and …

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Scottua Tank Clone – $14.95

Scottua Tank Clone

The Scottua Tank is a rather interesting design and unlike anything I’ve seen so far in a rebuildable tank. I would say that this is actually more like a dripper tank with the way the juice flow is setup. Most of the build deck floor …

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Augvape Alleria RTA (Authentic) – $16.65

Authentic Augvape Alleria RTA

The Augvape Alleria RTA has many of the same features we see on rebuildable tank atomizers coming out lately, but it throws in a couple of it’s own cool little twists. What I like most about this tank other than the fact that it’s one …

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Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA (Authentic) – $20.84

Authentic Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA

The Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA is a lot like the Aromamizer Supreme in the way that it’s designed. However this one has some differences that some vapers might like better, but most of all the lower price tag. You’ll find that this Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA has …

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Eleaf Lemo 3 (Authentic) – $26.89

Authentic Eleaf Lemo 3 RTA & Sub-Ohm Tank

It’s been a little while since the last one came out, and it looks like there’s a good reason for it. Instead of just releasing another RTA, they have completely changed things up with this new Eleaf Lemo 3. All while staying true to it’s …

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Kayfun V5 Clone By SXK – $20.64

Kayfun V5 Clone By SXK

The Kayfun V5 is the very first RTA in this long running, and very popular series of atomizers that caters to the direct lung vapers first. It’s the first time we’ve seen a Kayfun with airflow open wide enough to do a comfortable direct lung …

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