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Billow V3 Plus RTA (Authentic) – $26.00

Authentic EHPro Billow V3 Plus RTA

The Billow V3 Plus RTA is essentially a larger version of the Billow V3 that brings you more eliquid capacity, a larger build deck, and a few other goodies. It has a top fill method that works just like the Crius where you just pull …

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OBS Crius Plus RTA (Authentic) – $22.18

Authentic OBS Crius Plus RTA

The OBS Crius Plus RTA is basically just a larger version of the original with some minor improvements here and there. This one is 25mm in overall diameter which is getting pretty popular recently as far as rebuildable atomizers are concerned. The reason the lager …

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Cthulhu Hastur RDTA (Authentic) – $22.14

Authentic Cthulhu Hastur RDTA

The Cthulhu Hastur RDTA is a new rebuildable tank atomizer that follows in the foot steps of tanks like the Aromamizer and the Boreas. While this one does not appear to have swappable build decks like the others, the one that you get is pretty …

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Augvape Merlin RTA (Authentic) – $29.99

Authentic Augvape Merlin RTA

The Augvape Merlin RTA looks just like every other rebuildable tank atomizer we’ve seen hit the market recently, but this one changes things up on the build deck a bit. On the deck you’ll find single sided Velocity styled posts, meaning that you can only …

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Sigelei Moonshot V2 (Authentic) – $36.69

Authentic Sigelei Moonshot V2 24mm

The Sigelei Moonshot V2 is basically the same thing as the original, except this time around it is 24mm in diameter. This is going to give you a larger eliquid capacity, up to 3ml. Plus it will make the build deck a little larger so …

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Sense Herakles RTA-2 (Authentic) – $25.46

Authentic Sense Herakles RTA-2

The new Sense Herakles RTA-2 is not actually a second version to the one we saw come out recently, this is more like a better second option. What’s different about this one is that the airflow has been changed up to give you much better …

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Wotofo Conqueror RTA (Authentic) – $16.99

Authentic Wotofo Conqueror RTA

The Wotofo Conqueror RTA is one of the first postless rebuildable tank atomizers we’ve come across, and this thing is big on flavor. If you’re the type of vaper who prefers flavor more than anything else then this was made for you. The postless build …

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Youde UD EZ RTA (Authentic) – $24.99

Authentic Youde UD EZ RTA

If you’re looking for a rebuildable tank atomizer that’s super easy to build, then look no further than the UD EZ RTA from Youde Technology. While this isn’t the first “screw-less” atomizer we’ve seen, this may be the first to get it right. You can …

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