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Wismec MyJet Express Kit – $35.95

Authentic Wismec MyJet Express Kit

The new Wismec MyJet is the perfect device for someone who is just trying to quit smoking. This all-in-one type device very much resembles that of a traditional ecig with two major differences. The coil heads are replaceable, and the juice pods are actually refillable! …

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Innokin Smartbox Starter Kit – $25.95

Authentic Innokin Smartbox Starter Kit

The Innokin Smartbox is one smart cookie. How you ask? Well its actually pretty simple. This complete starter kit also comes with a tank that uses two different style of coil heads. One is for mouth-to-lung, and the other is for direct lung vaping. When …

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Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit – $36.34

Authentic Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit

The Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit is the first of it’s kind. This kit has everything you need to graduate yourself through each level of vaping without having to buy anything else. You can start off small with the Nautilus X which is a great tank …

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Youde UD Tidus Kit (Authentic) – $25.70

Authentic Youde UD Tidus 800mAh Starter Kit

We still don’t see enough of these coming out lately, but here’s a new starter kit developed exclusively for the mouth-to-lung vaper. The UD Tidus by Youde is strictly a mouth-to-lung style of vape that is perfect for someone who is just getting off the stinkies. …

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Wismec Venti (Authentic) – $44.99

Authentic Wismec Venti Starter Kit

The Wismec Venti starter kit is Wismec’s take on the eGo one of last year, except they’re beefing things up a bit with a much larger battery capacity. This kit is designed for mouth-to-lung vapers first, but it also works great with direct lung inhales …

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