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Cthulhu Azathoth RDA – $24.96

Authentic Cthulhu Azathoth RDA

The Cthulhu Azathoth RDA takes the best bits from some of the best atomizers on the market and kinda mashes it all into one. First of all the post design on this look similar to what we’ve seen before, however they add their own unique …

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Kennedy Trickster 25 RDA Clone – $8.95

Kennedy Trickster 25 RDA Clone

The Kennedy Trickster 25 RDA clone takes things a step further than the authentic version, in that you’re getting a top airflow control as well. I don’t think that this exists on the legit version so I guess you can’t really call this an exact …

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SteelVape EX RDA – $22.99

Authentic SteelVape EX RDA

The SteelVape EX RDA is a rather unique and innovative design, and I’m not just talking about the flip open top cap as we’ve seen it before. While I do admit the flip open top cap is pretty cool the way they’ve executed it here. …

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The Doode RDA Clone – $10.92

The Doode RDA Clone

The Doode RDA clone is a very interesting design that takes a whole new spin on the post design. However this one may be a little bit limiting for some builders. First of all the posts on this are nothing like we’ve seen before. It …

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Wotofo Freakshow V2 RDA – $21.01

Authentic Wotofo Freakshow V2 RDA

The Wotofo Freakshow V2 RDA is quite a nice upgrade to the original one, in addition this one is great for both cloud and flavor chasers. Aesthetically this new version looks pretty similar on the outside, but has a few changes. Mainly it looks much …

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We Out Here Doe RDA Clone – $10.43

We Out Here Doe RDA Clone by SXK

This We Out Here Doe RDA Clone is a great replica by SXK, who is pretty well known for putting out quality in the vape world. You’re getting a low profile rebuildable dripping atomizer that looks great on tube mechanical mods, as well as your …

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Smkon Revenant RDA (Authentic) – $21.60

Authentic Smkon Revenant RDA

It’s not too often that something truly unique comes to the rebuildable dripping atomizer market, however this Smkon Revenant RDA does just that. The one thing that makes this stand out from all the others is the build deck. It’s a postless design with a …

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Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA (Authentic) – $19.91

Authentic Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA

The new Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA is quite a nice upgrade over the original one as now we’re not just limited to the top airflow. That’s because this time around they’ve included both the top airflow and also side airflow that directly hits your coils. …

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