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Cthulhu Shuriken RDA (Authentic) – $19.62

Authentic Cthulhu Shuriken RDA

It’s always refreshing when a dripper comes out with something new, and that’s exactly what this Cthulhu Shuriken RDA brings to the table. What’s different here is how the posts are designed. While at first glance it may look like a Goon deck, it’s actually …

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Augvape Astro RDA (Authentic) – $13.88

Authentic Augvape Astro RDA

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different then the norm, then this Augvape Astro RDA is right up your alley. This rebuildable dripping atomizer has a build deck that’s reminiscent of the Twisted Messes Squared with some minor adjustments. It’s a dual …

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Vaporesso Transformer RDA (Authentic) – $24.75

Authentic Vaporesso Transformer RDA

The new Vaporesso Transformer RDA is without a doubt one of the most versatile rebuildable dripping atomizers to hit the vaping world. This one gives you a wide array of options to work with. You’ll not only have multiple barrel sections to work with, you …

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OBS Cheetah RDA (Authentic) – $16.30

Authentic OBS Cheetah RDA

We’re starting to see more atomizers coming out lately with top airflow, and this OBS Cheetah RDA is another with a pretty unique design. This one has 4 airflow slots at the top of the barrel section which is fully adjustable. The airflow comes in …

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Desire Yuri RDA (Authentic) – $16.95

Authentic Desire Yuri RDA

Here’s a rebuildable dripping atomizer that strays a little away from the norm. The Desire Yuri RDA is designed mainly for the vaper who’s all about the flavor. What’s unique about this one is the way that the airflow is engineered. There are pretty decent …

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The Recoil RDA Clone – $10.99

The Recoil RDA Clone

When you release a slightly expensive atomizer in this fast moving market, you can expect it to be cloned fast, just like the Recoil RDA clone. While the asking price for the legit version is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting, it can still be …

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Wismec Neutron RDA (Authentic) – $22.80

Authentic Wismec Neutron RDA

We have another killer design from JayBo to tell you about today, this time it’s a unique rebuildable dripping atomizer. First of all, when you first see this Wismec Neutron RDA you’d think it’s just like any other atomizer. It has a wide bore drip …

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Sense Herakles RDA (Authentic) – $23.64

Sense Herakles RDA

The Sense Herakles RDA is a lot of the same that we see in other drippers lately, but it also has unique features of it’s own. This is the company’s first attempt at a rebuildable dripping atomizer and I’d say they have done a bang …

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Fousecig Wanko RDA (Authentic) – $16.97

Authentic Fousecig Wanko RDA

Here’s an interesting concept, and this Fousecig Wanko RDA is great for those vapers who don’t like to wrap their own coils. First of all, this uses pre-built coils called ‘Wave Coils’ that just snap into place. They’re held securely by 2 clamps that have …

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