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Tesla Carrate 24 RTA (Authentic) – $23.81

Authentic Tesla Carrate 24 RTA

Now this Tesla Carrate 24 RTA is one of the most interesting rebuildable tank atomizers we’ve seen in quite some time. Plus the best part is they have actually come up with a post design for the build deck that’s NOT just another carbon copy. This …

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Eleaf Oppo RTA (Authentic) – $20.46

Authentic Eleaf Oppo RTA

The Eleaf Oppo RTA is a brand new rebuildable tank atomizer from the same company that brought us the very popular Lemo series. This one is a great option for the type of vaper that is looking for a tank that is strictly a rebuildable. …

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Goblin Mini V3 (Authentic) – $22.39

Authentic Youde UD Goblin Mini V3 RTA

The Goblin Mini V3 RTA is the newest version of a very popular flavor tank and to be honest, I don’t know what ever happened to the second version. All joking aside, if you’re coming from the original Goblin Mini then you’ll get a plethora …

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Wismec Cylin RTA (Authentic) – $21.09

Authentic Wismec Cylin RTA

The Wismec Cylin RTA is a rather unique rebuildable tank atomizer that’s more like an auto dripper. This one is unlike anything we’ve seen so far to date, but that’s just the norm when it comes to JayBo’s killer designs. This tank not only has …

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Cthulhu V3 RTA (Authentic) – $32.67

Authentic Cthulhu V3 RTA

The Cthulhu V3 RTA is a substantial upgrade over the last version bringing us several cool new features to an already great tank. This rebuildable tank atomizer is more like 2 tanks in one because it comes with 2 build decks in the box. 1 …

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Herakles Mini RTA (Authentic) – $25.91

Authentic Sense Herakles Mini RTA

The Sense Herakles Mini RTA is basically just a smaller version of the RTA-2 which came out not too long ago. This tank holds 3ml of eliquid which is a pretty decent amount when you look at how small this thing is. It’s nearly 25mm …

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Aromamizer Supreme Lite (Authentic) – $28.30

Authentic Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA

Steam Crave is keeping the Aromamizer family going strong with the newest version, the Aromamizer Supreme Lite RDTA. This is basically a smaller version with more features than it’s bigger brother, which still is a very popular rebuildable tank atomizer. This one has a 23mm …

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