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Kennedy Trickster 25 RDA Clone – $8.95

Kennedy Trickster 25 RDA Clone

The Kennedy Trickster 25 RDA clone takes things a step further than the authentic version, in that you’re getting a top airflow control as well. I don’t think that this exists on the legit version so I guess you can’t really call this an exact …

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Kanger TOGO Mini All-In-One – $29.33

Authentic Kanger TOGO Mini All-In-One

The Kanger TOGO Mini in a nutshell is basically just a smaller version of the Cupti, and it’s perfect for when you’re out and about. That’s because of it’s small size which makes it fit comfortably in just about any size pocket out there. The …

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Cthulhu MTL RTA (24mm) – $27.46

Authentic Cthulhu MTL RTA (24mm)

It’s certainly nice to see more and more companies developing mouth-to-lung rebuildable tank atomizers, and this Cthulhu MTL RTA should be at the top of your list. First of all as you’ve already guessed by the name this tank is designed mainly for mouth-to-lung style …

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Taifun GT 3 Mini Clone RTA – $16.64

Taifun GT 3 Mini Clone RTA By SXK

Good mouth-to-lung rebuildable tank atomizers are hard to come by these days. That’s mainly because most vape manufacturers tend to target the direct-lung crowd. However the Taifun series of atomizers have never let us down, and this Taifun GT 3 Mini Clone RTA just might …

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SteelVape EX RDA – $22.99

Authentic SteelVape EX RDA

The SteelVape EX RDA is a rather unique and innovative design, and I’m not just talking about the flip open top cap as we’ve seen it before. While I do admit the flip open top cap is pretty cool the way they’ve executed it here. …

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Eleaf Aster Total All-In-One – $29.71

Authentic Eleaf Aster Total All-In-One Kit

The Eleaf Aster Total looks an awful lot like the original Aster Mod, except this time they’ve gone ahead and stuffed a tank inside it. This all-in-one system is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping first. Plus with the decent sized battery they’ve managed to pack in, …

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GeekVape Ammit RTA – $22.15

Authentic GeekVape Ammit RTA

The GeekVape Ammit RTA is the latest innovation from a company that has been kicking butt in the vaping industry lately. This one comes packed with all of the great features we come to love from GeekVape. Like a top fill method that works with …

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iJoy INR 26650 Batteries – $9.04

Authentic iJoy INR 26650 Batteries

The iJoy INR 26650 is the first battery to come out in this form factor that performs just as well as the best 18650 batteries out there. However the unfortunate part is that iJoy felt the need to exaggerate the ratings, which was definitely not …

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