Vaporesso Zero Pod System – $21.95

Vaporesso Zero Pod System

The Vaporesso Zero Pod System is one of the only devices in this category that I’ve seen so far with an adjustable power output. You can adjust the voltage to as weak or as strong as you want it. As a result this one is …

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Advken Breath RDA – $26.89

Advken Breath RDA

Here we have the Advken Breath RDA and this rebuildable dripping atomizer is a pretty simple and standard design. First of all it uses a 2 post build deck that has large screws as well as post terminals. Therefore you shouldn’t have any trouble getting …

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asMODus C4 RDA – $31.59

asMODus C4 RDA

The asMODus C4 RDA is one heck of a tiny rebuildable dripping atomizer. As a result you can bet that this one is going to produce amazing flavor as most tiny drippers do. First of all this is a single coil only atomizer which makes …

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Stutt-Art Bogati RTA Clone – $14.59

Stutt-Art Bogati RTA Clone

Here we have the Stutt-Art Bogati RTA Clone and to say that this is an interesting design would be an understatement. First of all this atomizer merges the old with the new. The tank is located on the bottom much like the RDTA’s of today. …

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Axis RDA Clone – $6.42

Axis RDA Clone

The Axis RDA Clone is a great rebuildable dripping atomizer for all the cloud chasers out there. First of all this one has both side and bottom airflow. The side airflow has 3 large teardrop shaped holes which are fully adjustable. Furthermore the are another …

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IJOY Zenith 3 Box Mod – $39.73

IJOY Zenith 3 300W Box Mod

At first glance you’d probably assume this IJOY Zenith 3 Box Mod is a regulated device with a large screen on it. However there is actually no screen here as this one is basically a mechanical mod. First of all there is some regulation happening …

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Taifun GT4 RTA Clone – $23.80

Taifun GT4 RTA Clone

Here we have the Taifun GT4 RTA Clone, which is a replica of a very expensive and long line of rebuildable tank atomizers. Firstly this tank is for all the single coilers out there. It’s very easy to install your coil as there are multiple …

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Wismec Bellerophon RTA – $27.49

Wismec Bellerophon RTA

As always with JayBo’s designs, this Wismec Bellerophon RTA is another great rebuildable tank atomizer from these guys. First of all this is a single coil tank, however it can handle a pretty beefy coil thanks to the roomy build deck. The airflow design isn’t …

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VXV X RDA – $29.99


Here is the VXV X RDA, and this dripper has a pretty interesting design happening on the build deck. First of all it’s a 2 post design. However they are essentially ‘T’ shaped posts. The screws are mounted on the sides, and your coil is …

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