Serisvape Samo RDA – $24.01

Serisvape Samo RDA

The Serisvape Samo RDA is a great rebuildable dripping atomizer for the cloud chasers. That’s because there is a ton of airflow on this one. There are 4 large rectangular slots on each side of the top cap, and they can be adjusted in several …

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Tesla Resin Sub-Ohm Tank – $28.72

Tesla Resin Sub-Ohm Tank

I’ve got another Sub-Ohm Tank to tell you about today, and this Tesla Resin Sub-Ohm Tank is perfect for fans of Resin finishes. That’s because there’s plenty on this tank. The drip tip, top cap, and airflow control ring are all matching Resin design, and …

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Innokin Plex Sub-Ohm Tank – $23.86

Innokin Plex Sub-Ohm Tank

The Innokin Plex Sub-Ohm Tank is basically an update to the last Scion v2 tank, and this one is worth the upgrade. That’s because these coil heads are cross compatible allowing you to use both the new ones and the old ones here, and vice …

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Pelso V3 RDA Clone – $8.79

Pelso V3 RDA Clone

Here we have the Pelso V3 RDA Clone, and this is a very versatile rebuildable dripping atomizer that delivers a lot of options. First of all you’ll get both a squonk pin and a regular one in the box so you can use it on any …

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Savour RTA by 3CVape & Vaping V1ck – $28.53

Savour RTA by 3CVape & Vaping V1ck

I’m sure by now that every popular vape reviewer has their own atomizer on the market by now. So naturally I have another one to tell you about, and today it’s the Savour RTA which is a collaboration between 3CVape and Vaping V1ck. First of all, …

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Penodat RTA Clone by Coppervape – $22.63

Penodat RTA Clone

Here is one for both mouth-to-lung vapers as well as direct-lung vapers, the Penodat RTA Clone. First of all there are airflow options here for both vaping styles, and they do both very well. On the build deck there is a MTL attachment with small …

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Vapor Giant Extreme RTA Clone – $19.37

Vapor Giant Extreme RTA Clone

Here we have the Vapor Giant Extreme RTA Clone, and just like the other tank I told you about today, this one also uses stainless steel cables for wicking. Believe it or not the stainless steel cables wick very well, and basically what you end …

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