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Steel Vape Tailspin Mod Kit – $35.95

Steel Vape Tailspin Mod Kit

The Steel Vape Tailspin Mod Kit comes with both the rebuildable dripping tank atomizer as well as the Hybrid Mechanical Mod. However you can grab just the Tailspin RDTA below if you only want the tank. First of all, if you’re going to use this …

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Panglao RDTA Clone – $5.04

Panglao RDTA Clone

The Panglao RDTA Clone is a great rebuildable dripping tank atomizer designed for standard coil builds. However the best part has to be that amazing price, wouldn’t you agree? First of all this one sports a dual post build deck with one terminal per post …

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Atty OLC RDTA Clone – $9.93

Atty OLC RDTA Clone

Now here’s a good one for vapers who prefer vertical coil builds. This Atty OLC RDTA Clone easily has one of the most interesting build decks I’ve seen in quite some time, and it’s designed mainly with vertical coils in mind. It supports dual coil …

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DejaVu RDTA Clone – $12.36

DejaVu RDTA Clone

Here we have the DejaVu RDTA Clone and the legit version of this very well done replica was designed by a popular youtuber. First of all this one packs in several features that make it stand out in a sea of rebuildable dripping tank atomizers. …

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Scar Atty RDTA Clone by Kindbright – $13.95

Scar Atty RDTA Clone by Kindbright

I’ve got another clone of a very high priced atomizer that is also extremely hard to find. This time I want to talk about this Scar Atty RDTA Clone by Kindbright. We have several innovative features going on here which make this a great buy …

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YiHi SXMini Faucon RDTA – $39.99

Authentic YiHi SXMini Faucon RDTA

The YiHi SXMini Faucon RDTA is a single coil rebuildable dripping tank atomizer that not only has a unique look, the performance and vapor production is top notch. This one comes with a beautiful gold plated build deck that has 2 posts located in ideal …

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IJOY Combo Squonk RDTA – $24.27

Authentic IJOY Combo Squonk RDTA

It seems like they may never stop coming out with different versions of this, but today I want to talk about this IJOY Combo Squonk RDTA. First of all this is much like the other versions out on the market already, except this one has …

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Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA – $24.97

Authentic Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA

The Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA may seem like any other rebuildable dripping tank atomizer on the outside. However one you pop off that top cap you’re presented with a brand new coil design. They call it a mesh coil and they claim you’ll get no …

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GeekVape Medusa RDTA – $18.00

Authentic GeekVape Medusa RDTA

First of all, while this GeekVape Medusa RDTA may look like a regular dripper on the outside, it actually has a pretty large juice reservoir under the deck. Once you pop off the top cap you’ll be greeted with the popular 2 post design we …

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