Ambition Mods Amazier RTA – $39.99

Ambition Mods Amazier RTA

If you’re looking for a modern rebuildable tank atomizer that brings you a classic vaping experience, then this Amazier RTA from Ambition Mods might be the perfect fit. First of all, when you start to open this thing up it will have a familiar feel …

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SXK Aviator RTA Clone – $34.50

SXK Aviator RTA Clone

Here’s one of the best looking rebuildable tank atomizers I’ve seen in a while, the Aviator RTA clone. One of the stand out features I like that improve the looks is the cage design around the tank. Not only does it look great, it also …

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Wotofo Profile X RTA – $30.99

Wotofo Profile X RTA

If you’re looking for a great rebuildable tank atomizer with options for both mesh and traditional wire coils, then this Wotofo Profile X RTA might be what you need. At first glance this one looks like a standard tank, however when you open it up …

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SQuape Arise RTA Clone – $22.30

SQuape Arise RTA Clone

If you’re looking for a rebuildable tank atomizer with a ton of options, then this SQuape Arise RTA might just be the perfect fit. First of all, as this is a clone you can save yourself a ton of cash, which is something that we …

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Eclipse Dual RTA – $39.99

Eclipse Dual RTA

Here’s another great rebuildable tank atomizer from Mike Vapes, the Eclipse Dual RTA. First of all as the name implies this is a dual coil RTA with a post-less build deck that can handle most builds you want to throw at it. The airflow design …

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Vapefly Brunhilde 1o3 RTA – $33.16

Vapefly Brunhilde 1o3 RTA

First of all, as an old school vaper it’s good to see there are some great rebuildables still on the market like this Vapefly Brunhilde 1o3 RTA. This rebuildable tank atomizer is more like those popular RDTA’s of the past with many improvements on top …

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Damn Vape Atemporal RTA – $39.99

Damn Vape Atemporal RTA

Today we’re taking a look at the Damn Vape Atemporal RTA, and this is a pretty interesting piece. This one is geared towards the more experienced builders as this is kinda like an RDA with a large tank sitting on the top of it. Like …

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RTA – $29.37

Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RTA

Here we have the 3rd version of this rebuildable tank atomizer from Hellvape, the Dead Rabbit 3 RTA. Many people are saying that the third time is the charm for this series and I think they might be right. This one has a completely redesigned …

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Thunderhead Blaze RTA – $37.90

Thunderhead Blaze RTA

Here we have the Blaze RTA, which is the latest collaboration between MikeVapes and Thunderhead Creations. This is a dual coil rebuildable tank atomizer that includes a pretty innovative build deck, additionally it can handle pretty much any type of coil you want to throw …

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Kayfun X Clone – $18.95

Kayfun X Clone

The legend is back once again with the latest iteration of what is probably the most popular rebuildable tank atomizer ever created, the Kayfun X. These guys are well known for their high quality and superior engineered RTA’s and this one is no exception. As …

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