GeekVape Ammit MTL RTA – $26.55

GeekVape Ammit MTL RTA

Here we have the GeekVape Ammit MTL RTA, and as far as I know this is the first mouth-to-lung tank from these guys. First of all this has the popular top down airflow system which delivers a bottom airflow without any leaking. It’s also know …

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Savour RTA by 3CVape & Vaping V1ck – $28.53

Savour RTA by 3CVape & Vaping V1ck

I’m sure by now that every popular vape reviewer has their own atomizer on the market by now. So naturally I have another one to tell you about, and today it’s the Savour RTA which is a collaboration between 3CVape and Vaping V1ck. First of all, …

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Penodat RTA Clone by Coppervape – $22.63

Penodat RTA Clone

Here is one for both mouth-to-lung vapers as well as direct-lung vapers, the Penodat RTA Clone. First of all there are airflow options here for both vaping styles, and they do both very well. On the build deck there is a MTL attachment with small …

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Vapor Giant Extreme RTA Clone – $19.37

Vapor Giant Extreme RTA Clone

Here we have the Vapor Giant Extreme RTA Clone, and just like the other tank I told you about today, this one also uses stainless steel cables for wicking. Believe it or not the stainless steel cables wick very well, and basically what you end …

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Corona V8 RTA Clone – $12.51

Corona V8 RTA Clone

The Steampipes Corona V8 RTA Clone stands tall, not just in height, but also in performance as well. First of all this is not your ordinary rebuildable tank atomizer. That’s because it doesn’t use the standard wicking method. Instead it uses something completely different, at …

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Footoon Aqua Master RTA – $27.21

Footoon Aqua Master RTA

The Footoon Aqua Master RTA is the latest innovation from a company that’s widely known for doing things out of the ordinary. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get here, at least when it comes to the airflow control. First of all, the airflow …

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VXV Soulmate RTA – $28.46

VXV Soulmate RTA

The VXV Soulmate RTA is a fantastic rebuildable tank atomizer designed exclusively for mouth to lung vapers. First of all this tank takes some of it’s cues from the kayfun, however it’s also very different. You’re getting a GTA style deck which is slightly raised, …

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Sat22 RTA Clone – $21.05

Sat22 RTA Clone

While the original version of this Sat22 RTA Clone was released many years ago, and there haven’t been any new clones in a while. It has been a very tough device to find for old school genesis atomizer vapers. However I spotted this Sat22 RTA …

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Bruce Pro Innovations Caballus GTA – $35.99

Bruce Pro Innovations Caballus GTA

The Bruce Pro Innovations Caballus GTA (or RTA) is basically a rebuildable tank atomizer with a slightly raised build deck. While we have seen this design quite a bit these days, this one is still a great choice compared to some of the others. First …

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