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Joyetech eGrip II (Authentic) – $49.75

Authentic Joyetech eGrip II Kit

The Joyetech eGrip II is the newest all-in-one system from Joyetech. This device incorporates some of the great features from their other devices that we’ve been seeing lately into this updated version of the eGrip. It appears to use the same chip technology as the …

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Kanger Protank 4 (Authentic) – $22.99

Authentic Kanger Protank 4 Clearomizer

Just when you thought the protank series was dead, KangerTech brings it back to life with the new Kanger Protank 4 Clearomizer. This new version brings many huge improvements to the series and puts it on par with the current market. The Protank 4 is …

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Youde UD EZ RTA (Authentic) – $24.99

Authentic Youde UD EZ RTA

If you’re looking for a rebuildable tank atomizer that’s super easy to build, then look no further than the UD EZ RTA from Youde Technology. While this isn’t the first “screw-less” atomizer we’ve seen, this may be the first to get it right. You can …

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RX200 Replacement Panels (Authentic) – $7.69

Authentic RX200 Replacement Panels - Front & Back Covers

If you’ve been wanting to change up the colors of you’re Wismec Reuleaux then these RX200 Replacement Panels are exactly what you need. Currently they are available in black, red, white, and blue but my guess is that we’ll see more in the future considering …

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