Authentic Horizon Vertex Plus RTA

Horizon Vertex Plus RTA (Authentic) – $27.99

Looking for the most airflow you can get in a rebuildable tank atomizer? Then this Horizon Vertex Plus RTA delivers the goods. In fact, it is the most airflow that I’ve seen in an tank to date. I mean just look at that build deck, there’s nothing there but your posts and juice channels, the rest is burred right out! While looking at it you might think this Vertex Plus RTA going to leak like crazy but that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you wick it right. Building on that build deck should be a breeze as well due to the popular 2 post deck that’s on everything now.

The Horizon Vertex Plus RTA has other cool features like a top-fill method with holes that are large enough to just pour your eliquid right in there. Plus there’s a juice flow control that can be shut off when you need to fill up, or just so you can control the amount of eliquid getting in to your coils. The bottom line is that this Horizon Vertex Plus RTA is the tank to get if you need excessive amounts of airflow!

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  • Big post hole with high position, very convenient installation
  • Enough installing room, good flexibility
  • Big airflow, smooth vaping
  • Adjustable wick holes, accurate control of juice intake
  • Food-grade Delrin drip tip (FGD), great heat insulation
  • 4ml eliquid capacity
  • Top-fill method
  • 22mm overall diameter

Authentic Horizon Vertex Plus RTA


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