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Desire Yuri RDA (Authentic) – $16.95

Authentic Desire Yuri RDA

Here’s a rebuildable dripping atomizer that strays a little away from the norm. The Desire Yuri RDA is designed mainly for the vaper who’s all about the flavor. What’s unique about this one is the way that the airflow is engineered. There are pretty decent …

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Rose V3 RTA Clone By SXK – $17.37

Rose V3 RTA Clone By SXK

We’re finally seeing the much anticipated update to a very popular rebuildable tank atomizer in the UK, and this Rose V3 RTA Clone by SXK is a very well done replica. This atomizer has always strayed away from the usual design and done their own …

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The Recoil RDA Clone – $10.99

The Recoil RDA Clone

When you release a slightly expensive atomizer in this fast moving market, you can expect it to be cloned fast, just like the Recoil RDA clone. While the asking price for the legit version is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting, it can still be …

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Sony VTC6 18650 Batteries (Authentic) – $9.53

Authentic Sony VTC6 18650 3100mAh Batteries

I guess those who said that Sony Energy has stopped producing batteries because of vapers are now eating their words. That’s because these awesome new Sony VTC6 18650 Batteries are starting to roll out, and as usual they are top notch. These guys have always …

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Eleaf Pico Squeeze (Authentic) – $30.41

Authentic Eleaf Pico Squeeze 50W Starter Kit

The low priced squonker starter kits seem to be a thing now, and we have another to talk about today. The Eleaf Pico Squeeze is a complete kit that comes with everything you need to get started with squonking. This DIY kit doesn’t use pre-built …

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