The Recoil RDA Clone

The Recoil RDA Clone – $10.99

When you release a slightly expensive atomizer in this fast moving market, you can expect it to be cloned fast, just like the Recoil RDA clone. While the asking price for the legit version is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting, it can still be out of reach for many. That’s where these clones can be a blessing, especially those who are on a tighter budget. All that aside, this is a very nicely done Recoil RDA clone. It comes with both the ‘clouds bro clouds’ cap and the ‘flavor bro flavor’ cap which is great for how cheap this is.

On the build deck of the Recoil RDA clone you’ll find a 3 post design where the positive post is actually a block with 2 holes. The negative posts are milled into the deck and the post holes on them are slightly higher than the positive holes. This ingenious design makes building on this a breeze as one coil lead naturally falls higher than the other. It has a nice deep juice well with plenty of room for your wicks. Another plus is the fact that you can just dump some juice through the drip tip so you don’t have to pull off the top cap when you need to drip. If you’ve been dying to try out Nick and Dwayne’s newest creation but can’t quite shell out all that cash just yet then the Recoil RDA clone is a great option.

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Features & Specifications:

  • Overall diameter: 24mm
  • 22mm build deck
  • 3 post design with a positive center block
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Brass plated Gold positive center pin
  • 510 threading connection
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • PEEK insulators
  • Raised negative posts for easy building
  • Unique airflow holes to help prevent leaking
  • Smooth and even airflow design
  • Weight: 45g

The Recoil RDA Clone – $10.99

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Here’s a review of the Recoil RDA Clone by Ralfys Reviews:

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