Authentic Fumytech Cyclon RDA

Fumytech Cyclon RDA (Authentic) – $40.00

The Fumytech Cyclon RDA takes some of the best features from other atomizers, and mashes it all together into one awesome dripper! From the top down this rebuildable dripping atomizer has a wide bore delrin drip tip. There’s a 510 adapter included so you can rock your own if you want, but it looks best with the wide bore one. While you could drip down through that wide bore, I love how easy the top cap pops off. All you have to do is push on the drip tip to tilt it and it pops right off for easy dripping. At the base this Fumytech Cyclon RDA is 24mm in diameter, but it tapers up to 25mm due to the cool designs on it.

You’ll also find the Kennedy style airflow on the Fumytech Cyclon RDA but it has a little extra. There’s also the standard dripper airflow holes on the barrel that hit your coils at the sides, so you have a ton of airflow options. It has a 2 post design with a single, but very large hole on each post. The post screws are beefy and should last a long time too. The Fumytech Cyclon RDA even has a large juice well so it’s easy to wick, plus it holds a ton of drops. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and reasonably priced for an authentic device, then head on over to the site below and check out the Fumytech Cyclon RDA!

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Features & Specifications:

  • 304 food grade stainless steel
  • 510 threading connection
  • Two Phillips head screws on post
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • The way to drop out the drip tip is tilting it, it’s more convenient comparing to pulling out straightly
  • You can add a drip tip, using the 510 Drip tip connector
  • The upper and lower rings are adjustable, you can choose more ways to adjust airflow
  • Fumytech exclusive prebuilt twisted wire, which can give a better experience in vaping
  • The diameter & plane of screw are larger, which can be more convenient to rebuild
  • Larger space to accommodate more cotton and e-juice
  • The upper airflow control outside ring is disassemble, which will allow you to clean it

Authentic Fumytech Cyclon RDA – $40.00

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Here’s a review of the Fumytech Cyclon RDA by Vapin’ Heathen:

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