Payload RDA Clone

Payload RDA (Clone) – $9.67

If you’re looking for an atomizer that’s perfect for hybrid mods, then take a look at this Payload RDA clone. I mean, just look at that positive pin on this thing! It’s very large, and the design makes it almost impossible for the negative contact to touch the battery and cause a short. That means this Payload RDA is going to be perfect on mods like the Noisy Cricket for example. Unfortunately there is a downside to a pin like that though. It probably won’t sit flush on your regulated mods, however that’s ok as this rebuildable dripping atomizer seems like it was built specifically for use on hybrids anyway.

Another great feature of this Payload RDA clone is the way they designed the airflow. It’s has you’re bottom up airflow that comes up below your coils kinda like the Tsunami. In addition to that there is also 2 pretty decent sized air holes that come in through your negative posts like in the picture above. This is going to give us both direct and indirect airflow, and lots of it which is great for the cloud chasers. It’s also easy to build on, available is stainless steel, copper, and brass. But, the best part about this clone has to be the low price!

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  • Quad poles design for dual coil build
  • 4 air holes on the sleeve
  • 510 threading connection
  • Silver plated brass contact
  • 22mm overall diameter

Payload RDA Clone


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