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Fuel V2 RDA Clone – $4.68

Fuel V2 RDA Clone

The Fuel V2 RDA Clone is a near perfect replica of an atomizer that costs well over 100 dollars. However you’ll only have to pay less than 5 bucks for this clone. First of all this one has the old tried and true velocity style …

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Kabuki RDA Clone – $3.96

Kabuki RDA Clone

Here we have the Kabuki RDA Clone, and this is a great rebuildable dripping atomizer aimed mainly at the flavor chasers. First of all this is designed for direct lung vaping, and has plenty of airflow that is fully adjustable. The comes in and hits …

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Phevanda Bell MTL RDA – $27.44

Phevanda Bell MTL RDA

Here we have the Phevanda Bell MTL RDA, and this one is advertised as a mouth to lung atomizer. However I would say that it is better suited for restricted lung hit’s as the airflow holes are way too large for a good mouth to …

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Reload X RDA Clone – $8.61

Reload X RDA Clone

The Reload X RDA Clone is quite an amazing performer. That’s because of the unique way that it is designed with similarities to other great drippers out there. First of all it has a top down bottom airflow design which is fully adjustable. As a …

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Famovape Yup RDA – $20.69

Famovape Yup RDA

First of all, I’m not sure where this Famovape Yup RDA gets it’s name from. Perhaps it’s the ‘Y’ shaped build posts, that seems logical. Anyway, those unique looking build posts are actually quite easy to build on. Basically all you have to do is …

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Haku Venna RDA Clone – $17.20

Haku Venna RDA Clone

Here is the Haku Venna RDA Clone and this one is basically an upgraded version of the Phenom. First of all, the legit version of this rebuildable dripping atomizer is not only expensive, it’s very hard to find as well. In fact, you can only …

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CoilArt DPro Mini RDA – $22.49

CoilArt DPro Mini RDA

This time I’ve got a great flavor chasing atomizer to tell you about, which is the CoilArt DPro Mini RDA. This dripper has a very low profile, and as a result has a very small chamber which is known to crank up the flavor. Inside …

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