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Vaporesso Nalu RDA (Authentic) – $22.92

Authentic Vaporesso Nalu RDA

These guys have been killing it in the tank and mod world as of late, and now it looks like they want to crack into the dripper world as well with the new Vaporesso Nalu RDA. At first glance you might think that this is the …

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Payload RDA (Clone) – $9.67

Payload RDA Clone

If you’re looking for an atomizer that’s perfect for hybrid mods, then take a look at this Payload RDA clone. I mean, just look at that positive pin on this thing! It’s very large, and the design makes it almost impossible for the negative contact to …

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NoPity RDA Clone – $9.95

NoName NoPity RDA Clone

If you’re looking for a rebuildable dripping atomizer that has a very unique build deck and a plethora of airflow options, then you need to take a look at the NoPity RDA by NoName Mods. As I just mentioned, this atomizer has a pretty interesting …

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Underground RDA (Clone) – $10.24

Underground RDA Clone

The Underground RDA is another one of those postless style rebuildable dripping atomizers. This one was designed in the Philippians, however this clone was made in China of course. What I like about this design compared to others I’ve seen so far is the fact …

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The Troll V2 RDA (Authentic) – $18.99

The Troll V2 RDA

This ones a cloud chasers dream because the Troll V2 RDA is better than the original in every way. You have 2 different chuff cap options with this, one of them is a bit wider than the other but both are pretty large. It has …

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Uwell Rafale X RDA (Authentic) – $20.09

Authentic Uwell Rafale X RDA

This one is not for new vapers, as the Uwell Rafale X RDA is built with advanced builders in mind. It’s meant for those who have a very good understanding of coil building and ohms law as it’s not like your conventional rebuildable dripping atomizer. …

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EHPro Model T RDA (Authentic) – $19.99

Authentic EHPro Model T RDA

The Model T RDA is a collaboration between Duality Designs and EHPro, and this is a great one for vapers who like to chuck clouds with a good amount of flavor. This rebuildable dripping atomizer is made for a dual coil builds as there is …

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Mutation X V5 RDA (Authentic) – $22.53

Authentic Indulgence Mutation X V5 RDA

Experienced builders are going to love this Mutation X V5 RDA as the build options you have with it are almost endless. This dripper has a build deck unlike anything I’ve seen to date. Sure, you’ll notice it has the usual 2 post design we …

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GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA (Authentic) – $27.99

Authentic GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA

The main gripe that people had with the original Tsunami was how little room there was, well now that has all been solved with the new GeekVape Tsunami 24 RDA. While most of us assumed this was inevitable due to the recent trends, this new …

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