Authentic Uwell Rafale X RDA

Uwell Rafale X RDA (Authentic) – $20.09

This one is not for new vapers, as the Uwell Rafale X RDA is built with advanced builders in mind. It’s meant for those who have a very good understanding of coil building and ohms law as it’s not like your conventional rebuildable dripping atomizer. What’s different about this is that instead of the normal 2 post design, the center post on this Uwell Rafale X RDA is actually a neutral post, and the positive and negative are on each side of the neutral post. This allows for an unlimited amount of build options that you can do on this. Basically the only limit is your imagination.

While this Uwell Rafale X RDA is great for series boxes, it’ll work great on your regulated mods as well. Besides the wide array of build options, there’s also a plethora of airflow options on this dripper as well. It has Uwell’s patented anti spit-back protection that works pretty great. There’s even a nice deep juice well that holds plenty of drops, and a non-claustrophobic build deck with lots of room to get those crazy builds in there. If you’re an advanced vaper looking for more of a challenge, or perhaps a great dripper for your series boxes, then go check out this Uwell Rafale X RDA. It’s the only one like it on the market right now!

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  • Patented neutral post system
  • Dual post, single terminal ‘dummy’ posts
  • Allows for ultra complex builds
  • Active two post design
  • Works in conjunction with neutral posts
  • Wide surface area build deck
  • Designed airflow intakes (flavor mode, cloud mode)
  • ASB drip tip system
  • Anti spit back system
  • Brass 510 contact
  • 24mm overall diameter

Authentic Uwell Rafale X RDA


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Here’s a review of the Uwell Rafale X RDA by Richard Ng:

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