Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA

Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA – $23.63

Here we have the Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA and this one is quite a nice upgrade over the original one that came out a while back. First of all you’re getting a much deeper juice well in this one, which is always great to see. Furthermore it has a 2 post design build deck that uses a clamp style system, however the clamps are inside of the posts which is pretty neat.

In addition you’re getting a multi-functional airflow system with this Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA. As a result you have 2 different airflow options to use depending on your tastes. First of all you have the bottom airflow where they come in at a bit of an angle to get the air under your coils better. Furthermore you can flip the barrel upside down and rock your standard side airflow, which is great. This Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA is definitely a great one to add to your collection!

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Features & Specifications:

  • Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning
  • Multi-functional Atomizer Tube for Convenient Airflow Control
  • Rebuildable Clapton Coil and Open Build Space for DIY Fun
  • 510 spring connector
  • 24mm overall diameter

Authentic Wismec Guillotine V2 RDA – $23.63

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