Authentic Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA

Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA (Authentic) – $19.91

The new Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA is quite a nice upgrade over the original one as now we’re not just limited to the top airflow. That’s because this time around they’ve included both the top airflow and also side airflow that directly hits your coils. This is great because you’re getting a substantial boost in both flavor and vapor production as you’re not only relying on indirect airflow. However both are fully adjustable on this Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA. So you could close one of them off completely if that’s the way you like to vape.

There’s a very substantial juice well in this Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA, as well as the popular 2 post design so you’re not going to have any issues building on this. Wicking it up is easy with all that space, plus it’ll hold plenty of drops so you won’t be dripping as often. There’s a wide bore delrin drip tip that you can easily drip down through as well, which is always a plus in my books. It also seems like this Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA would be virtually leak proof. Especially when you’re only rocking the classic top airflow.

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Features & Specifications:

  • Wide bore delrin drip tip
  • Dual stainless steel posts design
  • Dual adjustable top & side airflow
  • German made PEEK insulator
  • 510 threading connection
  • Rhodium plated copper contact
  • Both 22mm & 25mm options available

Authentic Wotofo Sapor V2 RDA (22mm & 25mm) – $19.91

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Here’s a review of the Sapor V2 RDA by The Vaping Bogan:


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