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Petri V2 RDA (Clone) – $8.31

Petri V2 RDA Clone

The Petri V2 RDA is a minor upgrade to a very popular rebuildable dripping atomizer by DotMod that brings a few changes which I’m sure will be welcomed. This is a great looking device that has a bit of gold plating on it to really …

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M ATTY RDA (Clone) – $13.43


The M ATTY RDA clone is a great little device for the type of vaper who loves atomizers that are easy to build on. It’s a 3 post design that supports single, dual, or quad coils. However whats unique about the way this is designed …

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Stillare Mark IV RDA (Clone) – $11.58

Stillare Mark IV RDA Clone

The Stillare Mark IV RDA, aka the Stillare v4, is a great update in this series of rebuildable dripping atomizers bringing it more up to date with today’s market. The biggest change you’ll get in this version is the Velocity style 2 post build deck, …

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Nipple RDA Clone – $7.99

Nipple RDA Clone

The Nipple RDA is a tiny rebuildable dripping atomizer that looks a lot like the name suggests, and this clone is spot on to the original. This tiny little device is made from a high quality stainless steel and it has adjustable airflow that supports …

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Mutation X V4S RDA (Clone) – $10.89

Mutation X V4S RDA Clone

The Mutation X V4S RDA takes the original and very popular Mutation X and adds several improvements to make it one of the best choices today. This one gives us plenty of airflow options with air holes on both the side of the barrel and …

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Plume Veil V3 Clone – $10.14

Plume Veil V3 Clone

This Plume Veil V3 Clone appears to be a very well made replica and this new version gives us many new features and a whole new look over the previous. This time around we’re getting 2 very large airflow slots on the outer barrel of …

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Wismec Inde Duo RDA (Authentic) – $23.39

Authentic Wismec Inde Duo RDA

Here we have the latest rebuildable dripping atomizer from JayBo Designs and Wismec, the Inde Duo RDA. This has to be one of the most unique designs we’ve seen in quite some time. With this Inde Duo RDA, you have 2 choices of top caps …

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Velocity V2 RDA Clone – $9.62

Velocity V2 RDA Clone

The Velocity V2 RDA is a follow up to one of the most popular atomizers to ever hit this industry, and while it looks much the same as the original it does have some improvements that I’m sure it’s fans will appreciate. This clone is …

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Twisted Messes Squared RDA Clone – $10.60

Twisted Messes Squared RDA Clone

The Twisted Messes Squared RDA (Twisted Messes v2) is the latest rebuildable dripping atomizer from the popular builder, and this one looks much better than the original. A few gripes people had with the original version have been resolved, like the loose o-rings and the …

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