Advken Breath RDA

Advken Breath RDA – $26.89

Here we have the Advken Breath RDA and this rebuildable dripping atomizer is a pretty simple and standard design. First of all it uses a 2 post build deck that has large screws as well as post terminals. Therefore you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a couple of big beefy coils in there. Additionally it has a decent sized juice well, however it has a squonk pin so the size of the juice well is kind of irrelevant.

Furthermore you get 3 different drip tips to choose from with this Advken Breath RDA. Each are a different size and shape so there should be something for everyone. Speaking of choices, you also get a choice of 3 different screw types to choose from. Which is also great because you’ll have a bunch of spares as well. So in conclusion, while there isn’t really anything new going on with this Advken Breath RDA, it still makes an amazing addition to your vape collection nonetheless!

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Features & Specifications:

  • Standard cap and chuff cap included
  • 3 options of drip tips in different diameter
  • Dual posts build deck
  • Dual air-holes milled deck design
  • Bottom airflow control
  • 5mm deep juice Well
  • Multi-screw Types: Flathead / Combo / Hex
  • Gold plated 510 connection
  • 24mm overall diameter
  • Gold plated bottom feeder pin

Authentic Advken Breath RDA

$26.89 – Coupon Code: MAP

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