Authentic GeekVape SS316 Clapton Wire Roll

GeekVape SS316 Clapton Wire (Authentic) – $5.80

I’ve been hearing a lot lately that temperature control works very well with stainless steel fused claptons, so this GeekVape SS316 Clapton Wire is a great option for high powered temperature control devices. In fact, I already ordered a couple spools for myself before writing this post. It’s currently available in 4 different types but I’m sure more are already in the works. There are 2 different fused clapton options, a twisted clapton, and a regular clapton. All 4 are made completely of 316 stainless steel and the best part about using this material is that it works in both temperature control and regular wattage mode.

Picking up some pre-made wire rolls like these is perfect for vapers like me who are limited on time, but still want that wonderful flavor and thick clouds that only these exotic builds can provide. What’s great about these SS316 Clapton Wire spools by GeekVape is you can pick one up for about the same as it would cost you to get the wire and do it yourself, maybe even less. Plus you don’t have to spend hours with a drill twisting it yourself!

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  • Clapton SS316 wire roll
  • High quality wire
  • DIY friendly
  • Four Choices:
    – 10ft SS316 Fused Clapton Wire (28GA*2/Paralleled + 30GA)
    – 10ft SS316 Fused Clapton Wire (26GA*2/Paralleled + 30GA)
    – 10ft SS316 Clapton Wire (26GA + 30GA)
    – 10ft SS316 Twisted Clapton Wire (28GA*2/Twisted + 30GA)

Authentic GeekVape SS316 Clapton Wire Roll


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