Authentic UD Fused Clapton Wire

UD Fused Clapton Wire (Authentic) – $6.88

Normally you have to sacrifice flavor for clouds, but not when you use this Fused Clapton Wire from UD. This is a pre-made spool of wire so all you have to do is snip off a piece, wrap your coil, and install it onto your device. There’s no need to get out the drill or anything when you use this UD Fused Clapton Wire. It’s made using Kanthal A1 with two 28ga wires paralleled and wrapped together using 32ga as the outer wire. You get a total of 15 feet of this glorious wire for just a few cents per foot.

The only real downside to using this is it takes more power to heat it up, but really that’s not an issue with all the high powered mods that are easily available now. If you’re looking to skip the tedious process of making Fused Clapton Wire yourself so you can get back to vaping quicker, then head on over to the vendors site and pick up a spool of this!

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  • Kanthal A1
  • Total 3 wires
  • 28ga x 2 + 32ga AWG
  • Inner wire diameter: 0.32mm*0.32mm
  • Outer wire diameter: 0.2mm
  • Full diameter: 1.0mm
  • 5m (15 feet)

Authentic UD Fused Clapton Wire


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