Dovpo Vee Box Mod – $42.89

Dovpo Vee Box Mod

Here’s one that’ll take you back to 2014, at least in the way you adjust the power output it will. That’s because this Dovpo Vee Box Mod uses variable voltage to make your adjustments. First of all unlike most VV devices on the market today, …

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Cthulhu Hastur Mini MTL RTA – $27.42

Cthulhu Hastur Mini MTL RTA

It looks like they’ve got it right this time as the Cthulhu Hastur Mini MTL RTA looks like a perfect mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer. While I’m not that big of a fan of that extremely long drip tip, they do include a shorter …

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Ystar Kerui RDTA – $18.36

Ystar Kerui RDTA

First of all, this Ystar Kerui RDTA is one oddball design, however don’t let that scare you because this one is actually a pretty decent performer. What we have here is essentially a tank sitting on top of an RDA. However this one is different …

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The 502 RDA Clone – $9.88

The 502 RDA Clone

Here we have The 502 RDA Clone and the legit version of this squonkable dripper is a collaboration between Jai Haze & Ravens Moon Vapor. First of all this is a very unique design with some very clever features, especially when it comes to the …

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Vandy Vape Revolver RTA – $29.89

Vandy Vape Revolver RTA

It looks like this year is the ‘airflow race’ and this Vandy Vape Revolver RTA has a very interesting airflow setup. This rebuildable tank atomizer gets its name from the airflow, that’s because the airflow beneath the coil spins around just like a revolver. As …

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One RDA Clone by SXK – $12.55

One RDA Clone by SXK

Today I’ve run across something that is very hard to find, well at least the legit version of this One RDA Clone is pretty rare indeed. Thankfully you can pick up this replica to try it out until you manage to get your hands on one. …

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Wotofo Recurve 24 RDA – $26.49

Wotofo Recurve 24 RDA

Here we have another collaboration between a popular vape reviewer and a manufacturer, the Wotofo Recurve 24 RDA. This one is designed by Mike Vapes and I gotta say he’s done one heck of a job with this one, especially when you see this build …

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Zenith V3 RDA Clone – $6.89

Zenith V3 RDA Clone

This Zenith V3 RDA Clone is sure to bring back some memories. Here is the latest version of a popular rebuildable dripping atomizer that’s been around for quite some time, and this one is arguably the best one to date. While I’m not sure if …

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Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA – $23.68

Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA

Well it’s been a while, but we’re finally getting an updated version of a very underrated tank, and let me tell you that he’s hit a home run with this Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA. First of all while this may look like any standard rebuildable …

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