Vandy Vape Triple 2 RTA – $31.49

Vandy Vape Triple 2 RTA

Today I spotted the new Vandy Vape Triple 2 RTA which is designed mainly by VapingWithTwisted420. I gotta tell you that this is a great one for all the cloud chasers out there. First of all this one works great with a large single coil, …

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Fatality RTA Clone – $27.44

Fatality RTA Clone

If you’re the type of vaper that loves rebuildable tank atomizers with wide open airflow, then you’ll absolutely love this Fatality RTA Clone. First of all this one has insane amounts of airflow, perhaps even more than you can inhale. That’s because you get 2 …

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Skyfall RDA Clone – $16.75

Skyfall RDA Clone

Here we have the Skyfall RDA Clone and the legit version by ESG is one expensive bit of kit. However this clone is going to provide you with the exact same great experience at just a tiny fraction of the cost. Firstly this is designed …

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Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System – $29.88

Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System

The Aspire Spryte AIO takes all the benefits of a pod system and mashes it together with the best of a regular tank system. As a result you get this great all-in-one unit. It uses replaceable coil heads, in fact it uses the ever popular …

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