Augvape Intake RTA – $25.89

Augvape Intake RTA

The Augvape Intake RTA is a collaboration between Augvape and MikeVapes and this is one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen in a while. Firstly, this rebuildable tank atomizer has a top airflow system which is converted to bottom airflow internally. This is made …

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Wake Mod Co Little Foot RDA – $35.99

Wake Mod Co Little Foot RDA

The Wake Mod Co Little Foot RDA is great looking rebuildable dripping atomizer that’s available in several different colors. It has a gold plated top cap as well as a gold plated build deck which really accents it’s great looks. In addition it also helps …

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Recoil Rebel RDA – $53.99

Recoil Rebel RDA

Here we have the Recoil Rebel RDA and this one is a pretty substantial upgrade over the original version. First of all like the previous version you’ll also be getting 2 top caps with this. It comes with the same clouds bro clouds top cap …

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Vital RDA Clone – $7.98

Vital RDA Clone

The Vital RDA Clone is a great one for all the air hogs out there. As you can see, this atomizer has huge airflow holes on the sides of the barrel. As a result this is a great choice for vapers who love to blow …

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Origen Little RDA Clone – $7.06

Origen Little RDA Clone

Looking for something small? Well, this Origen Little RDA Clone might be perfect for you. First of all this thing is really tiny, it only has a 16mm overall diameter. As a result the chamber is going to be very small as well, which is …

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The Recoil V2 RDA Clone – $6.84

The Recoil V2 RDA Clone

Here is The Recoil V2 RDA Clone and while I’m not 100% sure that there is a legit version of this out there, it’s still a great grab nonetheless. First of all the most notable upgrade you get with this version is that it can …

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