Ohmec RTA Clone – $17.89

Ohmec RTA Clone

While the original version of this Ohmec RTA Clone was released about a year ago, this is a fresh replica. First of all you might notice that the chimney section is shaped a little differently then it should be. That’s because they’ve done away with …

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Vandy Vape Triple 2 RTA – $31.49

Vandy Vape Triple 2 RTA

Today I spotted the new Vandy Vape Triple 2 RTA which is designed mainly by VapingWithTwisted420. I gotta tell you that this is a great one for all the cloud chasers out there. First of all this one works great with a large single coil, …

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Fatality RTA Clone – $27.44

Fatality RTA Clone

If you’re the type of vaper that loves rebuildable tank atomizers with wide open airflow, then you’ll absolutely love this Fatality RTA Clone. First of all this one has insane amounts of airflow, perhaps even more than you can inhale. That’s because you get 2 …

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Spica Pro MTL RTA Clone – $21.89

Spica Pro MTL RTA Clone

The Spica Pro MTL RTA Clone brings a number of new innovative features to the table that I have not seen yet. First of all this is a rebuildable tank atomizer that’s designed solely for mouth to lung vaping. You’ll get several different air pins …

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Tigertek Mermaid RTA – $24.95

Tigertek Mermaid RTA

The Tigertek Mermaid RTA has a familiar build deck, while at the same time bringing some new features to the table. First of all it has a slightly raised build deck, as a result it wicks even those thicker eliquids pretty well. Furthermore it uses …

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IOU-R Gus RTA Clone – $17.02

IOU-R Gus RTA Clone

Here is a pretty darn good IOU-R Gus RTA Clone and this one is designed exclusively for mouth to lung vapers. First of all, this tank has a very familiar looking build deck on it. As a result it’s pretty darn easy to build on, …

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Steam Crave Glaz RTA – $37.69

Steam Crave Glaz RTA

The Steam Crave Glaz RTA is one great looking rebuildable tank atomizer, and I think that is a direct result of the glass chamber. The glass chamber allows you to see your wicks and coils right through the tank. While it’s not a necessary feature, …

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Dovape Freedom RTA – $29.37

Dovape Freedom RTA

The Dovape Freedom RTA is a very nice low profile rebuildable tank atomizer that produces some pretty amazing flavor. First of all this one is designed mainly for single coil builds. However experienced vapers can likely get 2 coils in there with a little bit …

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JuggerKnot RTA Clone – $25.89

JuggerKnot RTA Clone

The JuggerKnot RTA Clone is one fat tank. First of all it comes in at a 24mm diameter at the base. However at the middle of the tank section it’s a whopping 28mm in overall diameter. While this may seem large, it’s actually pretty great …

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