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Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises – $23.25

Authentic Blitz Enterprises Warcraft RTA

The brand new Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises brings somewhat of a new design to the table, and delivers something we haven’t seen yet. What I find interesting about this tank is the way they’ve designed the air and the juice flow. As you’ll notice …

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EHpro Bachelor II RTA (Authentic) – $22.81

Authentic EHpro Bachelor II RTA

The EHpro Bachelor II RTA is a new and improved version of a popular flavor chasing tank. This version has several changes that enable it produce thicker clouds, all while maintaining the great flavor it’s known for. First of all this EHpro Bachelor II RTA …

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Ehpro Billow V2.5 RTA (Authentic) – $23.07

Authentic Ehpro Billow V2.5 RTA

First of all, it’s a little bit unusual to see this Ehpro Billow V2.5 RTA come out after the V3. However a lot of vapers weren’t really happy with all the cosmetic changes they made. So they went back to the basics and improved upon …

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iCloudCig Moradin 25 RTA (Authentic) – $19.92

Authentic iCloudCig Moradin 25 RTA

The Moradin 25 RTA from iCloudCig fixes a number of issues that vapers had with the original one, and just makes it an all around better tank. Like the first version this one has the ceramic build deck that is supposed to deliver a cleaner …

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OBS Engine RTA (Authentic) – $23.32

Authentic OBS Engine RTA

The OBS Engine RTA is a great one for the vaper who likes the top down airflow style system. These guys do it well as the air slots inside the chamber come out directly on top of the coils. You can even raise the coils …

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Rose V3 RTA Clone By SXK – $17.37

Rose V3 RTA Clone By SXK

We’re finally seeing the much anticipated update to a very popular rebuildable tank atomizer in the UK, and this Rose V3 RTA Clone by SXK is a very well done replica. This atomizer has always strayed away from the usual design and done their own …

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