OBS Engine V2 RTA – $22.49

OBS Engine V2 RTA

Here we have the OBS Engine V2 RTA, which is also known as the Engine II, and this is a nice upgrade over the previous version. First of all this one has a pretty neat 360 degree top adjustable airflow. What’s great about the top …

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Cthulhu Hastur Mini MTL RTA – $27.42

Cthulhu Hastur Mini MTL RTA

It looks like they’ve got it right this time as the Cthulhu Hastur Mini MTL RTA looks like a perfect mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer. While I’m not that big of a fan of that extremely long drip tip, they do include a shorter …

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Vandy Vape Revolver RTA – $29.89

Vandy Vape Revolver RTA

It looks like this year is the ‘airflow race’ and this Vandy Vape Revolver RTA has a very interesting airflow setup. This rebuildable tank atomizer gets its name from the airflow, that’s because the airflow beneath the coil spins around just like a revolver. As …

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Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA – $23.68

Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA

Well it’s been a while, but we’re finally getting an updated version of a very underrated tank, and let me tell you that he’s hit a home run with this Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA. First of all while this may look like any standard rebuildable …

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asMODus Voluna RTA – $31.03

asMODus Voluna RTA

Here is the asMODus Voluna RTA in all it’s glory, and this one is a great choice for both cloud and flavor chasers. First of all this rebuildable tank atomizer holds 2.5ml of ejuice, so unfortunately you’ll likely be topping up quite often here. However …

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Dvarw MTL RTA Clone – $12.95

Dvarw MTL RTA Clone

The Dvarw MTL RTA Clone is designed mainly for mouth to lung vaping, and the great news is it does one heck of a job. First of all, this is a single coil rebuildable tank atomizer, and as such it is very easy to build …

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CoilArt Mage V2 RTA – $29.73

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

Here is the much anticipated CoilArt Mage V2 RTA and this is one heck of a rebuildable tank atomizer. This first thing I have to tell you about is the airflow design. There’s plenty of wide open airflow that’s fully adjustable, however where it is …

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EHpro Billow X RTA – $24.84

EHpro Billow X RTA

Here we have the EHpro Billow X RTA and this one offers you several upgraded features over the previous models in the past. First of all this one has a 27mm overall diameter, which is rather large. As a result you need a box mod …

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asMODus Zesthia RTA – $31.95

asMODus Zesthia RTA

This is the asMODus Zesthia RTA and this is quite an interesting single coil rebuildable tank atomizer. First of all I gotta tell you about the airflow design they’ve got going on here. While it does have your standard bottom airflow, they’ve made it quite …

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