Authentic GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow RDTA

Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow (Authentic) – $29.09

The GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow Version is actually a pretty nice improvement over the other versions available. First of all, you’ll notice that the top cap is now all one piece and a little bit rounded on the top. This not only looks better, it also makes the airflow a lot easier to adjust. When we pop off the top cap and get to the build deck is where we see most of the changes. We still get that same 2 post design that’s easy to build, with post holes large enough for practically any type of build out there today. This Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow Version also includes that ceramic block to plug off one side which the single coilers are going to love.

The big changes happen everywhere else on the build deck of this new GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow Version. As the name suggests, the airflow comes in from the bottom. Anyone who has experience bottom airflow will tell you it generally produces better flavor, and that’s exactly what GeekVape is claiming. The wick holes have also had a facelift too, adding a sliding mechanism to open and close them off. This not only saves space by avoiding a dedicated fill hole, but it also makes it a heck of a lot easier to wick as well. You can just open it up and pop your wicks in there with absolutely no fuss at all. As a result of all these sweet new features this Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow is the best version so far!

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Features & Specifications:

  • Removable delrin drip tip
  • Glass tank
  • 4ml juice capacity
  • Velocity style deck
  • Bottom airflow RDTA provides better flavor
  • Slide design, easy to wick and fill
  • Ceramic block for single coil
  • Various airflow control options
  • 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable positive pole (full gold plated housing)
  • 24mm overall diameter

Authentic GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow RDTA

$29.09 – Coupon Code: MAP

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