Goblin Mini V2 RTA Clone

Goblin Mini V2 RTA Clone – $9.32

The Goblin Mini V2 RTA is a follow up to the original Goblin Mini and brings us a couple improvements that many users have been asking for. While the legit version is currently hard to find, you can pick up this Goblin Mini V2 RTA clone for less than 10 bucks. We finally get a top fill method on this version making it much easier to fill the tank when you need to, and you do pretty often due to it’s small size. However it’s small size means it produces some of the best flavor you can get in a tank.

Instead of fumbling around with a tiny screw you can now just unscrew the top cap, fill up your eliquid, pop the top back on and your vaping again. Also you can finally use your own drip tips as it works with 510 drip tips out of the box. If you prefer to use the glass drip tip there’s an adapter included so you can rock that if you prefer. This Goblin Mini V2 clone is a fantastic upgrade to an already great tank!

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  • Glass drip tip
  • Removable cooling fins for enhanced thermal regulation
  • Glass tank
  • 3.5ml juice capacity
  • Quad poles design for dual coil build
  • Clock type adjustable airway design
  • Crescent-shaped air vent hole
  • 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable copper center screw
  • 22mm overall diameter

Goblin Mini V2 RTA Clone


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Here’s a review of the authentic Goblin Mini V2 RTA by The Vaping Bogan:

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