Authentic Oumier White Bone Mini RTA

Oumier White Bone Mini RTA (Authentic) – $23.99

The Oumier White Bone Mini RTA is not only just a better looking smaller version of the original White Bone, this one also brings several improvements to the table. This 22mm rebuildable dripping atomizer is only 35mm tall so it’ll look great on all your mods. It has a 2ml juice capacity which isn’t a whole lot, but great for the vaper that lives in the EU. Unlike it’s bigger brother this one is designed for single coil builds. This is great because it’s easier to build one coil, plus it won’t guzzle the juice as fast as two coils so the 2ml isn’t too bad. You’ll still get great flavor from this Oumier White Bone Mini, and plenty of vapor too thanks to the wide open airflow.

My favorite part about the Oumier White Bone Mini RTA is the fact that you can see your build thanks to the viewing window in the atomizer chamber. This is great so you can see when you need to pull out your deck to rewick even before the taste starts to get a bit off. It has a juice flow control that’s somewhat hidden, plus a top fill system with pretty decent sized fill ports. The drip tip uses a standard 510 connection so you can use your own. Plus the positive post on this Oumier White Bone Mini is gold plated for the best conductivity. It’s great to see a tank like this that strays away from the same old thing!

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Features & Specifications:

  • Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Removable 510 drip tip
  • Top filling design
  • Changeable pyrex heat-resistant glass tank
  • 2ml juice capacity
  • Dual posts design
  • Oil Locked Hidden design
  • 510 threading connection
  • Gold plated positive post
  • 22mm overall diameter

Authentic Oumier White Bone Mini RTA – $16.97

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