Authentic Oumier White Bone RTA

Oumier White Bone RTA (Authentic) – $21.99

The Oumier White Bone RTA is a unique looking device with many of the same features we’ve been seeing in other rebuildable tank atomizers as of late. What I like most about the Oumier White Bone RTA is the way it looks, especially how you can see through your inner chamber to you wicks and coils. While some people may think this is a gimmick, I think it would be great to see how gunked up your coils are getting without the need to disassemble the tank.

Since using the glass inner chamber gives you less room for your coils, they’ve also included a standard stainless steel inner chamber in the box as well. This is great if you want to use a thicker build like a clapton coil or something like that. Both inner chambers are marketed to have spitback prevention, but the jury is still out on that one. The Oumier White Bone RTA also has a top fill method which is great since it only has a 2.5ml eliquid capacity so you’ll probably be filling it up pretty often if you’re a chain vaper.

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  • Gold plated positive post
  • Top Filling
  • Inner Pyrex cap fit for 14mm diameter
  • SS inner cap fit for 18mm diameter
  • Inner Pyrex cap use USA imported food grade heat-resistant glue
  • Two different caps both have juice splash prevention design
  • Isolated juice control system (Clicks into place)
  • Clear 510 glass drip tip
  • AFC function
  • Juice capacity: 2.5ml
  • Diameter: 23mm

Authentic Oumier White Bone RTA


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Here’s a review of the Oumier White Bone RTA by Adrian Lo Dejavu:

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