Steam Crave Glaz RTA

Steam Crave Glaz RTA – $37.69

The Steam Crave Glaz RTA is one great looking rebuildable tank atomizer, and I think that is a direct result of the glass chamber. The glass chamber allows you to see your wicks and coils right through the tank. While it’s not a necessary feature, it is a beautiful one. Furthermore this has a postless build deck so there won’t be any build posts getting in the way of your view.

In addition you’re going to need a fairly large mod with this Steam Crave Glaz RTA, or at least one with a centered 510 connection. That’s because this thing is massive, in fact in comes in at a crazy 31mm in overall diameter. These guys have been known for releasing fat tanks, so this isn’t really a surprise. Plus you’ll love all the extra juice it holds as a result. The top fill design makes use of the super easy slide to open, which has become one of my favorite methods!

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Features & Specifications:

  • 7ml juice capacity
  • Top-slid filling design
  • Glass tank
  • Extra PC tank included
  • New postless deck design
  • Special bottom angled airflow design
  • Semi restrictive airflow for ultimate flavor chasing experience
  • 510 threading connection
  • 31mm overall diameter

Authentic Steam Crave Glaz RTA – $37.69

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Here’s a review of the Steam Crave Glaz RTA by riccis tablet:

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