Authentic Wismec Cylin RTA

Wismec Cylin RTA (Authentic) – $21.09

The Wismec Cylin RTA is a rather unique rebuildable tank atomizer that’s more like an auto dripper. This one is unlike anything we’ve seen so far to date, but that’s just the norm when it comes to JayBo’s killer designs. This tank not only has a unique look, but also a unique way of doing things too. The Wismec Cylin RTA is designed mainly for single coil builds with a bottom airflow that’s fully adjustable. However what’s different here is how the air actually comes up through the 2 posts to hit the sides of your coil directly. This design provides compete coverage of the coil and as a result, it produces amazing flavor and dense clouds.

Another unique design feature on the Wismec Cylin RTA is how the juice actually gets to the wicks. Instead of soaking up from juice channels like we usually see, this one drips the juice down on to your cotton to keep it fully saturated. The tank section can be removed and used on other devices of the same size to basically turn them into auto drippers as well. That’s a sweet feature that makes this Wismec Cylin RTA one of the most versatile tanks on the market right now. With all these killer features you’d think that a killer price tag comes with it, but you’d be wrong! 😉

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Features & Specifications:

  • Stainless Steel & Glass Construction
  • Detachable Structure
  • Top Filling System
  • Adjustable E-liquid Inlet
  • Bottom Airflow Control
  • Unique airflow design is effectively leak resistant
  • Air travels through the posts hitting the coil directly
  • Includes 2 Notch Coils
  • Removable Tank Section
  • Tank section is compatible with other drippers that share the same sleeve size, such as INDE DUO and Indestructible to convert them to auto drippers
  • Two kinds of mouthpiece included
  • 510 threaded connection

Authentic Wismec Cylin RTA – $21.09

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Here’s a first look at the Wismec Cylin RTA by JayBo:

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