OBS Crius II RTA – $19.59

Authentic OBS Crius II RTA

There’s no shortage of rebuildable tank atomizers these days, and today I wanted to tell you about the new OBS Crius II RTA. First of all this one is a single coil deck built with cloud chasers in mind, however it’s not shy when it …

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KingTu KT-X RDA – $14.83

Authentic KingTu KT-X RDA

This KingTu KT-X RDA isn’t really anything extraordinary however it comes at a low enough price to make it worth checking out. From the outside it looks like any other rebuildable dripping atomizer on the market. But when you pop off the top cap you’re …

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Wismec Tobhino RDA – $16.69

Wismec Tobhino RDA

The Wismec Tobhino RDA is the latest unique design from a guy who’s pretty well known in the vaping community for putting out killer products. First of all, the build deck on this rebuildable dripping atomizer is quite a bit different from what we normally …

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Ovns Saber Starter Kit – $16.25

Ovns Saber Starter Kit

The Ovns Saber is a great starter kit for those would be vapers who are just getting off the cancer sticks. This tiny all-in-one device uses the pod system, however you can refill them yourself with your own favorite juices. This alone makes it a …

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Wotofo Bravo RTA – $24.44

Authentic Wotofo Bravo RTA

The Wotofo Bravo RTA is the latest tank from these guys, and it has sure been a while. First of all this one has those clamp style posts that seem to be pretty popular lately. So you can be sure that this tank will take …

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Coppervape Hippo RDA – $12.95

Authentic Coppervape Hippo RDA

Here’s an interesting authentic atomizer from a company that’s mostly known for clones, the Coppervape Hippo RDA. This one packs in some pretty neat features at a super affordable price, which makes it a no brainer if you ask me. First of all when you …

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SXK Kayfun Prime RTA Clone – $19.69

SXK Kayfun Prime RTA Clone

First of all, yes I did just tell you guys about one of these clones by another manufacturer at a lower price, however you can bet this SXK Kayfun Prime RTA Clone has a higher machining quality. These guys are well known for pumping out …

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ST Kayfun Prime RTA Clone – $14.32

ST Kayfun Prime RTA Clone

It looks like we finally get our Kayfun back! It’s just too bad that the price for the legit version is out of reach to so many vapers out there who need it. However, as always, China comes to the rescue with this ST Kayfun …

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Nudge RDA Clone – $10.65

Nudge RDA Clone

This Nudge RDA clone is a very well done replica of the popular new cloud chasing atomizer from Suck My Mod. This one packs in a few neat design features that I’ve yet to see on another rebuildable dripping atomizer. First of all the post …

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