Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA – $24.63

Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA

What stands out the most about this Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA is the fact that the build posts are designed like an ‘X’. So it’s only fitting that they names the atomizer after this. However despite the design, the terminals on the build posts …

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Legacy RDA Clone by SXK – $20.49

Legacy RDA Clone

The Legacy RDA Clone is another great flavor atty with support for single coil builds only. On the build deck you’ll notice that there is a 2 post design on each side of the deck. Plus there are 2 terminals per post. However this makes …

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Acevape MK RTA – $27.89

Acevape MK RTA

The Acevape MK RTA is a great rebuildable tank atomizer for direct lung vapers looking for something that produces great flavor. First of all this one has a postless build deck on the inside, which is compatible with both dual as well as single coil …

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Vapordance Newbie RDA – $16.74

Vapordance Newbie RDA

First of all, if you already know how to build, then you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere. However if you’ve never wrapped a coil in your life, then this Vapordance Newbie RDA could be for you. Like the name suggests this atomizer is …

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Serpent Alto RTA Clone – $8.66

Serpent Alto RTA Clone

While the original version of this was released over a year ago, it’s actually been discontinued and not for sale anywhere. However the cloners over in china came to the rescue with this Serpent Alto RTA Clone, which is readily available. First of all this …

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CloudOne Blasted V4 RTA Clone – $18.44

CloudOne Blasted V4 RTA Clone

This CloudOne Blasted V4 RTA Clone is an amazing rebuildable tank atomizer designed for your standard round wire builds. While you can get smaller claptons and what not in there, it really shines with your standard builds. First of all it’s designed for a restricted …

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