Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises – $23.25

Authentic Blitz Enterprises Warcraft RTA

The brand new Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises brings somewhat of a new design to the table, and delivers something we haven’t seen yet. What I find interesting about this tank is the way they’ve designed the air and the juice flow. As you’ll notice …

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EHpro Bachelor II RTA (Authentic) – $22.81

Authentic EHpro Bachelor II RTA

The EHpro Bachelor II RTA is a new and improved version of a popular flavor chasing tank. This version has several changes that enable it produce thicker clouds, all while maintaining the great flavor it’s known for. First of all this EHpro Bachelor II RTA …

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Sense Herakles Pro (Authentic) – $24.00

Authentic Sense Herakles Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

The Herakles line of Sub-Ohm tanks from Sense have without a doubt been some of the most popular tanks in the vaping industry. So you probably already know we’d see a great upgrade like this Sense Herakles Pro sub-ohm tank. First of all the biggest …

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IJOY Tornado 150 (Authentic) – $18.75

Authentic IJOY Tornado 150 Sub-Ohm Tank

The IJOY Tornado 150 sub-ohm tank is a tiny little device that’s capable of handling high wattage’s. As a result this tank is definitely for the high wattage cloud chasers out there. Also because of that you’ll need a mod that can pump out 100+ …

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Ehpro Billow V2.5 RTA (Authentic) – $23.07

Authentic Ehpro Billow V2.5 RTA

First of all, it’s a little bit unusual to see this Ehpro Billow V2.5 RTA come out after the V3. However a lot of vapers weren’t really happy with all the cosmetic changes they made. So they went back to the basics and improved upon …

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