Smkon Revenant RDA (Authentic) – $21.60

Authentic Smkon Revenant RDA

It’s not too often that something truly unique comes to the rebuildable dripping atomizer market, however this Smkon Revenant RDA does just that. The one thing that makes this stand out from all the others is the build deck. It’s a postless design with a …

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Joyetech Ornate (Authentic) – $23.37

Authentic Joyetech Ornate Sub-Ohm Tank

Joyetech is really stepping up their game lately with some great tanks, and this Joyetech Ornate sub-ohm tank is the biggest monster of them all. This tank is one of the only other non-rebuildables that competes directly with the cloud beast, and it’s just as …

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Wismec MyJet Express Kit – $35.95

Authentic Wismec MyJet Express Kit

The new Wismec MyJet is the perfect device for someone who is just trying to quit smoking. This all-in-one type device very much resembles that of a traditional ecig with two major differences. The coil heads are replaceable, and the juice pods are actually refillable! …

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Kanger Juppi Tank (Authentic) – $17.12

Authentic Kanger Juppi Tank

Here’s a great idea, and quite frankly we should see more of it. Like most sub-ohm tanks on the market, the Kanger Juppi Tank uses pre-build coil heads. However there is one big difference with these that you don’t get with pretty much all others, …

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Innokin Smartbox Starter Kit – $25.95

Authentic Innokin Smartbox Starter Kit

The Innokin Smartbox is one smart cookie. How you ask? Well its actually pretty simple. This complete starter kit also comes with a tank that uses two different style of coil heads. One is for mouth-to-lung, and the other is for direct lung vaping. When …

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